If you are you in the market for a new home but having trouble deciding between building, move-in ready or a fixer-upper home, you might want to consider these underrated benefits of buying a new home.

Home buyers have the choice of two types of houses on the market: resale or new homes

Home buyers planning to buy a new home or condominium often cite energy efficiency, open layout, warranties, and the ability to choose appliances, flooring, color paints and other design elements as factors that motivate their choice.

However, builders say that buyers can be attracted to a new home for reasons that are so obvious. Here are some additional benefits of a new home that you won’t see in a sales brochure.

Building a Community Together

A brand new community is one of the built-in benefits of many new homes. When the families move to a subdivision at the same time, they often form lifetime bonds of friendship and neighborliness at once. No one is “the new kid on the block,” and many home builders are hosting community parties in new developments to help owners meet and connect.

Top amenities like pools, hiking trails, tennis and basketball courts offer additional opportunities for interaction between neighbors of all ages. Often, new communities consist of homeowners at the same stage in life, such as young families or active retirees, so neighbors can get to know each other through carpools, PTA meetings, tennis matches or golf games.


Throwing a party in an old house can be a challenge because small, separate rooms make it difficult to host guests in one big space. Today, new home layouts feature more open spaces and rooms that flow to each other more easily. While you are preparing dinner, you can still communicate with guests enjoying the conversation without feeling closed in. The sense of space of the new home layouts of today is often enhanced with higher ceilings and more windows that bring more natural light than you will find in an older home.

A Clean Slate

For some buyers, parking the car in a shiny clean garage or being the first to cook dinner in a new kitchen is part of the appeal of new construction. Plus, you do not have to waste time stripping old-fashioned wallpaper or repainting to suit your sense of style – creating your own home decor from the get-go!

The benefits of being the first owner even extend to the exterior of the home. Instead of inheriting the trees in an irregular or dangerous way, or having to rip overgrown shrubs, you can design and plant the lawn and have your own dream garden.

Never Enough Outlets

Houses that were built in the 1960s and initially had lines that were much different from today’s homes. Home builders had no way of anticipating the invention of high-definition TVs, DVRs and computers that we enjoy today – and the various electrical demands they will present. New homes can accommodate advanced technologies such as built-in wires, security systems and sophisticated lighting programs, and can be adapted to the needs of the homeowner.

Anyone who has ever lived in an old house can also testify to the fact that there are not enough outlets, inside or out! Today, homebuilders are planning to increase the number and type of electronics and appliances used by today’s families so that you can safely refrigerator wine, Christmas lights and your laptop – and more.